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Kate Spade New York Sama GtMeP7M
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A systematic review found an increase in low birth weight in 1453 asthmatic women (four studies) not using inhaled corticosteroids (relative risk 1.55; 95% confidence interval 1.28 to 1.87). PATRIZIA Cadiz T1rjRgVArA
Another systematic review, which included three studies and 934 asthmatic women, found that asthma exacerbations during pregnancy significantly increased the risk of low birth weight compared with non-asthmatic women (2.54; 1.52 to 4.25) and women without exacerbations (2.27; 1.29 to 3.97). 6

A large prospective study including 1739 asthmatic women found no increase in preterm delivery, TOMS Carmel xaCr6MR4tq
a finding confirmed by a meta-analysis on the impact of asthma exacerbations (four studies, 1438 women). 6 However, Schatz et al reported an association between prematurity and low respiratory flow in a large prospective study. w14

Historical studies have reported an association between asthma and hypertension during pregnancy. 5 Two large, multicentre, prospective, well conducted studies reported an increase in gestational hypertension in women with daily asthma symptoms 9 or with a low respiratory flow. w14 A systematic review that included two studies and 966 asthmatic women found that asthma exacerbations were not a risk factor for pre-eclampsia (1.37; 0.65 to 2.92). 6 Historical and prospective studies have reported a higher frequency of caesarean section in asthmatic compared with non-asthmatic women. 8 w7 w9

All these data suggest that asthma severity and suboptimal control are associated with adverse pregnancy outcomes. Box 2 suggests special management approaches for pregnant women with asthma, and box 3 outlines the main differential diagnoses in pregnant women with dyspnoea.

• Ensure optimal asthma control throughout pregnancy
• Manage asthma exacerbations aggressively
• Avoid delay in diagnosis and treatment
• Assess medication needs and response to therapy frequently
• Ensure adequate patient education and acquisition of self management skills
• Treat rhinitis, gastric reflux, and other comorbidities adequately
• Encourage smoking cessation
• Assess pulmonary function (expiratory flow) with spirometry at least monthly
• Offer a multidisciplinary team approach
• Do not give flu vaccination until after 12 weeks of pregnancy
• Be aware of the risk of pre-eclampsia and intrauterine growth retardation
• Acute or progressive dyspnoea with wheezing and cough, more often with a history of asthma and precipitating factors; diagnosis confirmed by pulmonary function tests
• —Hyperventilation due mainly to increased progesterone; may occur early in pregnancy and does not interfere with daily activities
• —Acute respiratory distress or gradually progressive dyspnoea with or without tachycardia, cough, chest pain, haemoptysis, or signs of deep venous thrombosis; diagnosis established by scintigraphic ventilation perfusion scan, computed tomographic angiography, or pulmonary angiography
• —Acute or progressive respiratory distress in the presence of heart disease, hypertension, embolic disease, tocolytic therapy, aggressive fluid replacement, or sepsis; diagnosis confirmed by chest radiography
• —Dyspnoea caused by dilated cardiomyopathy occurring during the final month of pregnancy to six months after delivery; signs and symptoms of heart failure confirmed by echocardiographic evaluation
• —Acute respiratory distress occurring more often during the evacuation of the uterus and which may be complicated by hypotension, seizure, disseminated intravascular coagulation, and cardiac arrest
Vaneli Jabot 6nTXz

The general principles of the management and treatment of asthma are the same in pregnant women as in non-pregnant women and in men. 1 2 w4-w6 Some precautions should be taken, however, in managing asthma exacerbation in pregnancy (box 4). Reports from a large prospective study including 1739 asthmatic women indicated that adequate management of asthma in pregnancy decreases adverse maternal and fetal morbidity. 4 8 The intensity of antenatal fetal surveillance (fetal ultrasonography and non-stress test) should be based on the severity of asthma, the risk of intrauterine growth retardation, and pre-eclampsia.

What is ‘Time’, anyway?

If Ten Minute Detour, Ten Second Epic, and Thirty Seconds to Mars organized a worldwide tour, what would the tagline for the tour be? TMD + TSE + TSM = 3TM2SDEM Tour 2018 … It’d be a real thinker.

If Ten Minute Detour, Ten Second Epic, and Thirty Seconds to Mars organized a worldwide tour, what would the tagline for the tour be?

If the Starship Salvation (look it up, so good!) takes off from platform A using a Ten Second Epic countdown to make a Thirty Second to Mars trip, while taking a Ten Minute Detour around Venus, at what speed would the rocket ship be travelling to make the entire trip both ways at a constant speed?

I’ll stop with the numerical theme soon, I swear. Ok, one more… if Ten Minute Detour, Thirty Seconds to Mars, and Letters From Pluto were sent on a mission to the farthest reaches of space on a rescue mission, who would in charge of navigation, who would be in charge of engineering, and who would be in charge of entertainment?

Navigation seems pretty simple with Google maps and such, I’m sure they’ll have SpaceMaps by then so we’ll take that. Never heard of Letters From Pluto so they can take entertainment. Jared Leto was in Blade Runner and I’m sure he did extensive research on his role and must have crossed intergalactic engineering at some point…so he’s engineer.

Anything else to plug? Any upcoming Ten Minute Detour info readers should take a ten second detour to read?

We have our last show of our ‘Common Pleasure’ Tour this Wednesday, May 9th at The Junction City Music Hall in Toronto. Other than that, give us a spin online and follow us on Spotify for any new releases.

Thanks for the time and working through the numerical, and space, themed questions! Congratulations on Common Pleasure and break a leg at the upcoming CMW showcase on May 9th!

Thanks again for your TIME.

Check out Ten Minute Detour’s sophomore album Common Pleasure available now. Don’t forget to head down to Toronto’s Junction City Music Hall on May 09 th for their Canadian Music Week showcase.

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Connect with Ten Minute Detour:
The Riz

The Riz is a prolific multi-genre songwriter, lyricist, writer and bassist for “Demolition Rock” sensation Ultimate Power Duo. A staple of the Saskatoon music scene, he has toured extensively across Canada, the U.S. and the U.K. The Riz is also the composer and saxophone player for R. Muttering, an avant-garde soundscape improvisational electro-acoustic performance art and recording group. Besides his Bachelor of Music in Music Education (B. Mus. (Mus. Ed.) / B. Ed. (Mus.)) from the University of Saskatchewan, he has amazing comic and vinyl collections.

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